Glennan in the News:

061711 Gala


011011 Golden Queen Mine (2:51)


043010 Gala (0:46)


030210 Skatepark Opens (3:00)


021010 Water Bank Opens (8:30)


072509 Herald Retske(9:30)


022809 Conference (4.36)


011709 Felsite Park? (2:47, 5:09)


120608 Mr. Seal (7:20)


110808 Next Four Years (4:50)


102508 Facilities are key! (9:00)


090808 Re-runs For RCSD


083108 Water & School districts working together? (see 5:00)


070908 Nominated To CSDA



Byron Glennan - Director

bryon glennan

I was elected to the RCSD in November of 2004 and have lived in Rosamond since 1947. I attended elementary school in Rosamond, high school in Lancaster, and AV College.


Following service in the navy, I continued my education at Long Beach State. Upon graduation I began teaching and coaching in Rosamond in 1971. I retired from education in 2006 having taught in Rosamond for 35 years.


I am currently employed by Wayside Chapel Community Church as the Business Administrator and Pastor’s Assistant. I have been married for 42 years. We have three children and six grandchildren.


I have seen many changes in the Valley and in Rosamond. Change will continue under any leadership. Change is not synonymous with improvement.


The job of a director is to exercise oversight in such a way that change will result in improvement for as many citizens as possible with minimal cost or disruption to those citizens.