Founder Builders


Porter Concrete

Concrete Finishing, Slab Forming


Engineering, Fencing, Operation

Rosamond Rotary

Street Sign


Service Rock








Donations received by the following helped to purchase square feet of the Skateboard/BMX Park concrete slab

As of 12/4/09:
Barbara Harsha
Brach Smith

Brandi Casas
Cameron Phelan
Debbie Machir
Deidre George-Mullins
Jimmy Espinoza

John Houghton
Joseph Bender
Karin & Bob Sheinberg
Kathleen Wilson (Blair)
Maxine Lynn
Michael Rickman
Richard & Carolyn Bedard

Robert Randall Rosie Nemeth
Russell Hedges
Sandra Duran
Sharon Chaviz
Sherry Delano
Tamara Vallejos
The Gilbert Family
The Moores
The Motion Mobile Advertising
TV Land Real Estate
Virgil Garrett


Skateboard/BMX Park 1 ft Concrete Slab-$5




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Founder Signs: Skatepark Flyer- information about the signs


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Help Build The Skateboard Park!

6'x 4' Sign



1 payment of $1000



3 payments of $350




See YouTube video of the Skateboard Park Ribbon Cutting


See YouTube video of the Skateboard Park Cement Pour